We have arisen in 1993, as the first traditional lemon (faithful) car rent company.

We have started with complete beautiful D 21 C-Matic, Traction Familiaal

and ID-19 an old nose.

In the course of the years complete particular lemon has come at,

among which particular Traction Avant Bordeaux red, ID-DS in several colours,

ugly duck (2CV4 /6), CX turbo 1, Dyane and G.

The most recent carriage is beautiful red BX GTI.

look for photograph, s on Fleet page

Of course we can also doormiddel of our large network to other models

or several of same the model lemon, s come.

By these activities we stand on good foot with lemon the Netherlands E.G.


We are not only deployed for weddings, jubilees or as a volgwagen in burials.

Our lemon enters you also among other things, films, publicity or on Billboards.

Also for other commercial aims our lemon is used.


Our lemon with a driver is only let.

This to protect your security and our carriage.


Meanwhile we do also repairing and maintenance to all lemon, of course on appointment.

At us your lemon oldtimer in good hands is, also for damage and expertise.

By these activities we have meanwhile a large stock components to our arrangement.

Of among other things TA, CX, ID-DS, G, BX, 2 CV, visas AX, XM and Xantia.

Of course also of other lemon models we can come to components for you, both new and use.

We are each retrieve year in Utrecht with components on the CitroMobile,

this happening takes place every year the first weekend in May.

There you can find our near lemon Netherlands E.G. and the lemon clubs.


By our activities have we also a reasonable stock lemon buy standing.

Both restored and for the liefhebber who itself gladly restores.

We have buy:

Several. D and CX models in good and less good state,

take for these carriages even contact with us.

For for photograph, s of other one occasions look on Occasion, s page

For further information or requests you can mail our always


or bels under number 078-6133370/06-10135685.

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